An original work: The Blind Man’s Ball, as reported by Richard Mutt


All my Dada friends know: there are no rules to art. That’s Marcel’s mantra and it has become my own, too. I wake this morning on the 100th anniversary of the Blind Man’s Ball, and really want to hold it close to me, and therefore share my version of it with you, as odd as that sounds. Well: hell yes, I say. Let’s all go! I want to take you there on the 100th anniversary, so I am sharing with you something I wrote, a piece written from the perspective of Marcel Duchamp — AKA Richard Mutt — through whose eyes we get to visit the ball.

This was a limited time only release — there today and gone tomorrow – but I will leave you with this, the original invitation to the Ball. Plus a little something from Beatrice Wood herself…

The Blind Man’s Ball

EVERY reader of this magazine is invited to the BLIND MAN’S BALL, a new-fashioned hop, skip, and jump, to be held on

Friday, May 25th

at Prehistoric, ultra-Bohemian Webster Hall.

The Ball is given for THE BLIND MAN, a magazine of Vers Art.

Axioms du Bal

The dance will not end till the dawn. The Blind Man must see the sun.

Romantic rags are requested. There is a difference between a tuxedo and a Turk and guests not in costume must sit in bought-and-paid-for boxes.

Continuous Syncopations

Tickets, in advance, are $1.50 each; boxes, not including admission, $10, and may be obtained ONLY from


61 Washington Square Telephone, Spring 5827

All tickets at the door, $2

Beatrice Wood LOC 1

Beatrice Wood, doing a #dada dance.

One thought on “An original work: The Blind Man’s Ball, as reported by Richard Mutt

  1. Great story! A hundred years gone by, in and out of dreams of doing the DaDa Dance – reliving great memories! Thanks for sharing, Mr Mutt.

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